37 years ago one of Grand Bay's co-founders developed an uncorrelated real asset/infrastructure investment strategy that has been successfully executed on both institutional and private fund platforms. It is designed to integrate the benefits of current distributable cash generated by core asset operations with long-term value characteristics of core assets that can be managed for up-side gain.

Mobility Core Capital Assets

Operating Assets

  • Jones Act-qualified tankers and coastal vessels
  • Rail cars & locomotives
  • Commercial aircraft engines
  • International tankers
  • Freight/utility aircraft
  • Maintenance and support vessels for offshore


  • Alternative fuel storage and distribution
  • Distributed power generation for vehicles
  • Rail yards/terminals
  • Port equipment and facilities
  • Drydocks/shipyard equipment and facilities
  • Rail storage/repair facilities

Enabling Technologies and Alternative Fuels

  • Alternative Fuels Production
  • Re-powering vehicles, locomotives and vessels
  • System efficiency upgrades (transmissions and powertrains)